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The Wochner Law Firm LLC is uniquely qualified to be your partner for estate and business planning. Jim Wochner, the firm’s founder, has counseled individuals, families and business owners for over forty years with one principal in mind: to provide accurate legal advice to protect client assets.  Our estate and business plans are built on a foundation of asset protection and avoidance of unnecessary estate and death taxes. Our practice is dedicated to tailoring estate and business plans to your needs and legacy goals.

The firm’s mission of client service and asset protection persists. Our attorneys have been at the forefront of the estate and business planning practice both nationally and locally. Jim Wochner is a founding member of a national association dedicated to estate planning. Jim Wochner and John Heggie are members of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Estate and Trust section. Corinne Heggie’s years of representing financial services companies makes her uniquely positioned to partner with clients’ insurers, financial advisors and accountants to ensure your assets are protected.

Not only do our lawyers enjoy national and local reputations in the estate and business planning practice, our lawyers are hospice volunteers. Hospice training makes our lawyers effective partners and advocates for clients who either face or are on the brink of medical transition or crisis. Our deep hospice experience makes our lawyers readily qualified to represent clients who encounter medical issues that intersect with or involve hospice care.

Our lawyers employ a holistic process to help identify and achieve each client’s planning goals. We partner with each client to identify assets, goals for asset protection and distribution and to draft the appropriate legal documents to memorialize client goals.

The firm provides a one-hour initial free consultation.  An attorney will review an estate planning questionnaire, discuss client goals and provide a recommended plan and fee. Our clients sign engagement letters to confirm the attorney-client relationship and foster communication and transparency. By investing the time to know the client’s particular situation and to educate the client about planning options, the firm truly becomes your partner.

As our partner, clients will have an active role in the process by participating in decision making and sharing information about real estate, business interests, insurance, bank and investment accounts, and retirement accounts. After estate planning documents are signed, the firm provides clients with detailed funding recommendations and instructions. These instructions enable clients to take the necessary steps to title assets into their trusts. Remember, a functioning trust is a trust that is funded!

We recommend that clients keep the firm apprised of events that may impact their assets such as an inheritance, business acquisition, home purchase, birth of a child, or death of a spouse or child. Often, changes to state and federal laws will impact estate plans that incorporate tax planning or are drafted with specific tax avoidance goals. Regardless, change provides an opportunity for our attorneys to review your estate or business plan and discuss recommendations, if any, to enhance it.

"Thank you for setting up today’s meeting and preparing our estate documents. You guys made it painless, yet informative.”

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