Northbrook Estate Planning Attorneys

Providing Estate Planning Analysis to Clients throughout Chicago

Estate planning can be a complicated and overwhelming process for many people. There are multiple estate planning options available, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Federal and state tax laws can further complicate matters, with various exceptions and exemptions available.

The experienced Northbrook estate planning attorneys at The Wochner Law Firm make the estate planning process easier for clients by undergoing a comprehensive estate planning analysis with each of our clients. By focusing on the individual needs of each client, we can provide personalized advice and guidance in order to create the optimal estate plan for your needs and objectives.Contact one of our knowledgeable Illinois estate planning lawyers at (847) 272-7360 to schedule an appointment to begin your estate planning analysis.

Family Structure

As part of our comprehensive estate planning analysis, we discuss family issues and characteristics. We will discuss whether your family has expectations of inheritance. We will also need to know whether you are the beneficiary of any trusts and whether you work with an accountant or financial advisor as we prefer to also consult with them as necessary.

Asset Analysis

A crucial component of a comprehensive estate planning analysis includes a thorough asset analysis. We will determine the full depth of your estate by accounting for all assets, including cash, real estate, securities, notes, business interests, partnership interests, retirement accounts, life insurance, and major tangible personal property. We will also account for any liabilities. In order to accurately determine the nature of your estate, we will also consider how the assets are held, such as whether you have any minority interests in a family partnership.

Terms of Your Plan

In order to accurately and effectively draft a will, we will discuss with you issues such as who will be the beneficiaries of your estate, who will act as executor of your will, trustee of your trust, and who will serve as guardian for any minor children, among several other important issues.

Terms of Trusts and other Estate Plan Documents

A trust can be a useful legal tool within a comprehensive estate plan. There are several types of trusts, but all trusts consist of a grantor, trustee, and beneficiary (or beneficiaries). The skilled Chicago trust lawyers at The Wochner Law Firm will first determine the net value of your estate and then discuss with you the ways in which you would like to distribute your assets to trust beneficiaries so that we can devise the optimal trust structure for your needs. Our estate planning analysis will consider who the trust beneficiaries will be, as well as the terms of the distribution.

Our estate planning analysis will also include a discussion of any other necessary estate planning documents, such as a health care directive or a property power of attorney.

For close to 40 years, the knowledgeable Illinois estate planning attorneys at The Wochner Law Firm have been helping clients obtain peace of mind by developing a thorough estate plan that includes the appropriate legal documents, including a will, trusts, medical power of attorney, a property power of attorney,and other estate planning documents as necessary.  Our offices are conveniently located along the Edens Expressway in Northbrook, Illinois.

Contact The Wochner Law Firm at (847) 272-7360 to schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Chicago estate planning attorneys to obtain a comprehensive estate planning analysis.